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Case Studies

How we have helped our customers save money on their business energy

MCE Engineering Ltd

14.5% Saving

Engineering Company – 14.5% Saving on Business Gas in Derby

Tuffwell Glass Limited

18% Saving

Industrial Glass Manufacturer – 18% saving on business electricity in Crawley

Technical Fulfilment Ltd

15% Saving

Fulfilment Company – 15% saving on business electricity in Newark

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Since 2016 Kapow have procured, managed and analysed energy usage for businesses of all sizes, from the smallest high street shop right up to international Manufacturers. Kapow manage energy contracts on behalf of SME, Multi-site and Corporate energy customers, and in doing so have helped businesses save hundreds of thousand of pounds by buying energy from the right supplier at the right time.

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Imagine if you could buy your petrol at todays rate of 99p for the next 5 years?

When you ‘lock in’ your energy tarrifs today you are securing your rates for up to 5 years. That means that as the prices go up year on year, you are still paying the same low rate.

Think of how much money you could save!

How do we do it?

We constantly monitor the market and buy at the right time. This allows us to forward buy energy contracts for our clients’ energy at the low points in a constantly fluctuating market.

We know your business, we have procured contracts for most types and sizes of business, understanding your business helps us to offer advice and help lowering your usage. Our team of energy champions will work with you to agree a smart meter roll out. Smart meters can help cut energy bills.

Multiple suppliers

We contract with over 25 major energy companies who all bring different benefits and pricing to the table. Prices can vary by up to 30% between the highest and the lowest quote for each client. If you only check the price of one supplier, it is rare that their prices will be the lowest. Incidentally, some of our suppliers offer tariffs unavailable to the general market.

Supplier Vetting

We also heavily vet suppliers that we add to our portfolio. We will not let suppliers with poor service or billing standards into our supply chain. 

Furthermore, we also scrutinise our suppliers financially to ensure that smaller potentially risky suppliers do not make it into our offering.

Moving into new premises? Don’t get caught out by deemed rates 

What are Deemed rates (Out of contract rate)?

This is a rate which is applied following a change of tenancy when the new customer who has moved into the premises has not negotiated a bespoke contract or when a customer is on supply but have never had a contract. This type of contract has default published rates which are often as much as 60% more expensive. Contact us now if you think this may apply to you. 

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Business Water
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Attention: Covid 19 has driven global energy prices DOWN!

The crisis has forced Gas and Electricity prices to an 18 year low.

Take advantage of the current price drop before rates go back up again.
You can even lock in the current low prices for up to a year if you are still in contract.

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